• Physician’s Advocate

    Integrative Clinical Resources, Inc. knows about the challenges of being a physician, and especially being a physician in a private practice.  That’s why ICR advocates for physicians first! We strive to provide the best value at the lowest cost. . . because physicians have earned that right. Integrative Clinical Resources, Inc. is an S-Corp based Continue Reading

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  • Video Publishing

    We produce educational and promotional videos for YouTube and other on-line media.

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  • Health Education

    Through health education and public forums, Integrative Clinical Resources touches many lives.  The most important are our children.  Reaching them and giving them the support and education they need is our only true legacy.

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  • Book Publishing

    “Integrative Clinical Resources, Inc. is dedicated to public wellness, health literacy, the elimination of health disparities, and the welfare of the community at large through health education. “ Tattoos: Should I or Shouldn’t I? (ICR copyright 2011) Teens, Tattoos, & Piercings: The health & social impact of permanent body art. (ICR copyright 2012) Teens, Tattoos, & Continue Reading

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  • Website Management

     Integrative Clinical Resources, Inc. has built a strong presence in the market simply by being mindful of shrinking resources in a competitive medical marketplace. Medcert.com, a internal medicine board certification review site has been managed by ICR for the past five years, and growing its user subscriptions exponentially by market testing, spear-heading peer level customer Continue Reading

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About: Dr Greg Hall

Gregory Hall, MD is a physician, author, speaker, inventor, professor, and public health professional. He strives to improve the quality of medical care through fair disclosure, quality care, and an honest approach to patients and their families.

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  Best Brain Foods by Gregory L. Hall, MD   There is no question that some fairly common and inexpensive foods can also be good for your brain, and if you have brain complaints, these best brain foods become an essential addition to your diet. You are probably familiar with many of these foods, but Continue Reading

Tailor to Your Needs

Integrative Clinical Resources, Inc. will bring great value to your company by providing a marketing plan tailored specifically to physicians needs. While other companies market to “whomever” and end up primarily selling to physicians and NPs, ICR will our ‘direct-to-physician’ campaigns and all aspects of sells, customer service, trouble-shooting, financing, and follow up will be Continue Reading

Ohio Neurological Diseases Consortium

Neurological Diseases Effect Many The Ohio Neurological Consortium is a group of companies located in Northeastern Ohio who have agreed to come together in support of the many people effected by neurological diseases including stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, and more.   We come from many companies who work with these courageous people and Continue Reading

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